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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 3, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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say that he traveled malawi's and said the been in more than one terror suspect on the fbi raid are, communicating on the fund and to social media. other recent the motive may been more than a workplace the spirit of. all the explosives and ammunition found at the suspect's home 12 pipe bombs and 12,000 rounds for hendrick guns. 1600 on news round in this to be of the suspects. and it it could've been much worse. he left a holiday party after an argument yesterday returned with his wife both when tackled the year started sprang the room with it with a bullet 5575 kron 418 people died 21 people injured. this was not a spur of the moment fit of rage. degree"of planning that went in this. no one puts tether the
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celebrity plan with so much equipment." "the fact of a bleeding." >> grant: patrick there is shared cubical work with him for three years drawing fans when the shooting started hit by pieces of dry wall and sellable holes all over the bathroom wall two suspects killed yesterday afternoon in a gunbattle ec s u b riddled with bullets we go to a live picture from southern california that the suspect shared police believe those were the only two shooters that investigators continued to remove items 12 pipe bombs found in the garage a cache of ammunition and weapons certainly there is some planning
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before yesterday's shooting. in that >> pam: to get is putting together a clearer picture of that team behind the rampage in. catherine is here with the details of what they are finding. >> catherine: week no one shooter e social media and the phone to contact extremists' learned neighbors and redwood have been concerned about what they considered strange behavior by that couple among the pieces of the puzzle authorities try to figure out why the attack happened. >> catherine: the suspect possibly radicalized mev known terrorists. jal the saudi arabia and a contract that would not raise red flags and they're met his future wife the pakistan
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woman came on of these the married six months ago they have a baby before his marriage he signed on a couple dating websites he enjoyed target practice and tried to live as a good muslim people who knew him really talk about religion did not seem to be fanatic he graduated from see if you san bernardino with a degree in environmental health in 2009. only now are investigators some neighbors wonder why the couple often worked late in the night in the garage of the rental home home letter found be crammed with bombs and bomb making materials. some neighbors even debated reporting them but say they did not want be accused of racial profiling. investigators say it is clear the couple was on a mission. the man >> reporter: of varmints that he had weapons ammunition
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there was obviously in a mission here we know that we do not know why a man >> catherine: among 14 people killed in a very heated argument about islam happened at work to. two weeks before the attack it's not clear if that might of been a factor. >> pam: just learned the names of all 14 victims the less. released by sen bernadine a corner just over an hour ago 6. woman eight men in. ages from 26 to 60 a. among them a brief so working at a holiday party. damian working this agency as the shooter. mike was a supervising environmental health specialist the father of six children. among the wounded 10 are still in the hospital tonight. headphone growth has after being hit several times.
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"hughes. shot five hughes the the thinking is going to die? absolutely" profession >> pam: a golfer to with this picture of the mother and emergency room with this message for everyone who has or hasn't heard the bomb was shot several times in san bernardino shootings she had a four hour surgery family in stable condition at medical center whether taking great care of her, yesterday came to an end in a residential neighborhood a car
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chase from the back and send for 1906 miles of black as you be driven by the suspect followed close behind by law enforcement a neighbor reported the shootout. . >> pam: the 350 rounds fired in the deadly encounter a. know by standards were hurt all. so learning getting a better look at what was going on an inside the building after the shooting
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at the finland regional center cellphone video taken police getting people out of the building. those words spoken by an officer-in many parts as an example, that men and heroism. f >> pam: guy says it's still too soon to save this rampage in san bernardino as connected the terrorism reports that the suspect apparently radicalized. marine kelly sat down with the uc-berkeley on a national security on what that means. >> reporter: official sources say the male suspect was in touch with people being investigated by the fbi for international terrorism. met his wife in saudi arabia during his trip to mecca. that sell for radical act, according to a professor at cal's goldman
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school of public health policy country with many ties to terrorist groups. . where he could have become radicalized falling in with those who followed particularly dangerous for off philosophy. and he and his wife or a wedge radicalization an arsenal they had of the key pieces of evidence that have a professor leaning towards the ferry this was an act of terrorism rather than workplace violence. if it
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was what i'd do it or waiting for evidence. several >> reporter: unusual characteristics to this attack working on that story for news at sixth. >> pam: in california if shooting rampage has a backlash against muslims. kron 4 reports a local islamic american relations organization is receiving hate mail and phone calls. >> reporter: islamic relations with the executive director e- mail such as this one which assesses for the shooting living in fear
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"that conversation about mass shootings behind were more normal and this country people not fit in school movie theater plan km locations and its
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ability clinics. what has as long done in 1400 years. >> reporter: the community still coming to terms with backlash that followed the recent terrorist attacks in paris. "ollie no to people at on a shooting rampage and may leave this community is held to a hire's the double standard was apologize that i had nothing to do no knowledge of. the assessment now is not unlike the one that followed 911. >> pam: breaking news out of the south bay. at san clara valley medical center in san jose after hospital visitor witnessed a man with a fire arm their. that would nesselrode hospital
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security guard to of prompted a lockdown this afternoon for two hours. place table the trap that suspect through hospital surveillance video this saw him leave the site the man appears to of a gun but did not point it at anyone have checked on possible identify the of that man working now to contact them there is much more ahead tonight at 5 next a disturbing video severances the police coming down a man in the bayview district. " we're learning about the investigation coming up plus the threat that force north they schools to shut down today. and at 515 we have a live report from san bernadine know where investigators are searching for a
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>> pam: has taken the lead in the investigation into the southern california shooting the left 14 people dead yesterday. 21 others injured we are learning more about the mill shooter and whether radicalized police contributed to his motive for the shooting. paula joins us live from san bernadine now with details.
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>> reporter: talking about a very medical middle american city of refuge for petard of. following this matter this occur major-league that baseball gathering at the stadium. hundreds if not a thousand candles stacked up behind me will grieve together and for the victims of this massacre was. the victim. interesting note nicolas was also a county health worker extremely pro-israel posted on his face to page him received death threats. this was the night before the massacre. the lead the federal authorities are going to have to look into. in addition >> pam: they're hearing all kinds of things that
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he travel to saudi arabia any in, vacation authorities are tracing his staff there and interviewing family members? >> reporter: the only going to give all the travel plans and everything the contacts made to social media on has fallen through computer what would he said saudi arabia in 2013 when there for religious reasons somewhere along he became radicalized. and federal sources also know he did make contact with an international terrorist crab. harassed and that's what they're looking into they don't know the level of that contact but that's where the investigation now focuses. on his wife as well accomplice in this horrible
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killing in san borodino. >> pam: some people saying to you about how they are feeling as he said middle america kind of town and san bernardino! ? >> reporter: didn't want to have to wake up this morning and the local paper look around the 14 members of the community had been killed 21 injured they are absolutely heartbroken thoughtful finding solace in each other and want to rally around the screw is sharing the experience together. clearly a town that was he born and some meals hoping that they would not be one of their loved ones killed inside the center. we're learning now of people killed 21 injured now it will hold a cluster of people. all sorts of
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help and grief counseling just to get through this. >> pam: this morning the name of a jihad as terrorist groups found spray-painted on a wall of our market elementary school in vallejo class. this can solve the police called in to conduct a clearance for any possible threat. there are"attrited the backs will parse the building that had spread on graffiti. the mention the word crisis at this point officers the research the school grounds determined no credible threat and been linked any kind of terrorism. container >> pam: information to local game. there to reopen tomorrow. and then a lot of
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criticism today the source of people seeing cellphone video of the encounter and kermit is live at city hall tonight were questions about police tactics are under scrutiny. >> reporter: it's got all like the head of city hall mayor's desk talking about this promising a full investigation fishery the video and warn you it might not be appropriate for all viewers. >> reporter: on video posted showing 26 year-old mario being shot and killed by san francisco police officers wednesday in the bay view heat they say is holding a knife and the suspect the seven best and as the video hits social media accusations of excessive force began to take hold a public defender says this
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is an instance suggest the answer is no seems to be no need to shoot to kill this case with the shortly apportion officer with the mets this hand this was after live fire beanbags and pepper spray. neither had any effect or make but. would drop the but the for"my words came out they were all yelling. >> reporter: mayor promised a full investigation to reach that
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the severance as the police band and available to speak about this because they're planning at town hall meeting to discuss this incident to light that news at 6 we hear from the supervisor whose district is the bayview and more for you foulard protests getting way in the bayview about 530. >> pam: the bay area has much needed rains more is on the way bryan as coming up he as the forecast for us later north bay residents are being warned to bryan as coming up he as the forecast for us later north bay residents are being warned to watch out for. . is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all.
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>> pam: sure from the offices of this morning march are expected tonight and tomorrow. brian is here and all the details. >> reporter: before the storm is coming in earlier widespread rain in now dealing with part to often on showers anything chars the things like rain. here's lev storm tractor there is the shower activity across the bay area on-the screen that serenely had earlier today. finley have this off and on rain
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that few showers vallejo net but the heaviest action right now around hayward continuing 582 livermore valley some rain pretty heavy right now at the cemetery bridge toll plaza and moving to the 30 mi. an hour. eventually into dublin and the next 15 to 20 minutes this will bring some pretty heavy downpours on a 80 as well as five they hear and then rainfall totals today at about quarter to a third of an inch for a lot of places around the face heavier now in the north they two quarters of an inch and a few places and then up and over the edge. the charge is continuing for tonight's feature cast going through midnight. not to say widespread rain we had earlier but this often on rain and to, you always through the morning commute and talk more about that and the weekend forecast
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come enough. >> pam: as we learned a new information at the mass shooting in san bernardino that left 14 people dead. awaiting a police news conference for the latest update on information from southern california when that starts to bring it to you live plus lawmakers on capitol hill demand action to stop the epidemic of gun violence in this country
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>> pam: more details about the mass shooting in southern california 14 people killed yesterday a news conference of with the latest and then grant is back to tell us what we know so far. >> grant: shooters the question remains tonight what is specifically to carry out such a heinous attack have been identified 28 year-old girl is one. law-enforcement sources saying tonight, he had traveled to the middle east in the past couple years full. apparently
5:31 pm
radicalized and leave with more than one terror suspect last communique on phone social media and then the motive may of been more than does the workplace disputes all the explosives and ammunition and the home they found 12 pipe bombs thousand the rounds of ammunition filled. handguns and assault style rifles also 1600 on used around and s u b of the suspect driving and all 14 people died 21 injured police say he left the holiday party after arguing yesterday and returned with his wife wearing technical gear and started shooting up the place the. if the five the 75 rounds. "he left undersigned at diffusing greet and somebody else say he had disappeared and
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aware he went from there. the key >> grant: cestus killed in a gunbattle with police this is the few the they were and the windshield with will holes the. other windows on the vehicle shot out and all of it that the evidence surrounding that police believe those two individuals were the only shooters and only people specifically involved in carrying out the attack yesterday. now question remains what specifically motivated them to do this? >> pam: and of many questions or make. if politicians are. politicians >> catherine: st. this should not be considered a partisan problem. lawmakers have been expressing their shock and anger including senator dianne pushing for tougher gun control legislation. "number of guns to kill bills
5:33 pm
carter should pass the keeping the guns of the hands of terrorists should be number one on lowest. "it's got to victims and first responders and 11 2 if." >> catherine: from the presidential candidates phil beltran response to the shooting congratulating the police law enforcement for the quick response other's products in campaign appearances.
5:34 pm
"cannot go on losing 90 people a day to gun violence." >> catherine: bold message in bold print saying god is and fixing the. a scene of a fly billion a falcon leaders talking about prayer but would not budge on gun-control. >> reporter: alive storm tractor. widespread rain we had earlier this afternoon have gone off to the streets still have heavy rain in some places one of those around castro valley
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heavy rain on 580 the chars moving off to the northeast and just a few minutes five-to-10 this this will work its way to dublin convention toward the more. this will produce some heavy downpours on 68 as well as 580 and that's to iran had earlier now moved off to the east. falling us know about fish feed the green and yellow shun the reign of louis the smell widespread snow this year for tonight winter storm warning in effect western sierra as you're making your way up toward lake tahoe notice warning is in effect through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. snow levels dropping around 4,500 ft. still. fall totals about eight to 14 in. and that will be enough to produce some chain requirements over 80 as well as 50 more of faerie whether, if.
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>> pam: burglars in her in the farseeing breaking into a home and cry has video just released. >> grant: clear and telling the and see what griller case in the joint after getting in side. able to proceed up the staircase and then listened to a couple sounds we heard as they broke in.
5:40 pm
>> grant: the doorbell the. window been shattered that's how they gained entry. ec one goes to leave not leave fingerprints but his body didn't one leave just yet they go back finally will take off in november 30th december 1st in orinda three residential burglaries rare for that city employees asking everyone to be on alert and notify them if you recognize the suspects. search >> pam: for a woman who left behind her own daughter after being busted for shoplifting
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>> pam: one person will leave and seem to care his call on video. even >> reporter: though uprights bought like lisa the car thief seemed not care and with the handle to go into a victim's car parked in the driveway the belmont police captain more of him that the suspect goes to the car getting smart and not just any phone offices hamilton nixon his home his car is found.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: 12 cars for a given to another one here along a mead ave belmont. "to carlotta people the their own driveway that the security is often from her car trying to get into vehicles they have more surveillance the idea of showing other crimes and footing picture a female lead believe working with the man shown in the surveillance video working on getting that to you and keeping up in the meantime if you recognize the need looking person call them for local police department.
5:46 pm
>> grant: place in daly city it asking for helpful in locating medina. it is suspected of engaging in danger in her 11 year-old child after leaving her in a target store >> pam: the confronted her and 11 year-old daughter had been suspected of putting five of his and his shopping bag attempting to leave without paying as officers tried to detain the child medina fled the scene with her mother and infant daughter and told the 11 year-old the 50 officers and run the 11 year-old was detained handed over the child protective services the mother is still at large. when connie murphy gametocide 80 asking residence and a bottle to watch out for aggressive squirrels. eight people were attacked in five separate incidents last month. during kelley reports one of the tax have been set an elementary school crop classroom.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: cute fluffy tail seemed rather gray fur. not this guy but one squirreled matches that profile has been on the attack including here at pleasant valley elementary school november 18th. scott inside the same grade classroom. then fit or scratched a voice teacher mobile *ktimes "if scrubbing among heitor face . instance the scroll and bush and fell on him from a tree. "he grabbed and would not let go. >> reporter: a squirrel came in through the garage side door and jumped.
5:48 pm
>> pam:"said de for california and families of victims the face of very real threat and a fabulous group of people sherriff police units. fbi and a, the personnel working together. but the rise above all the jurisdiction of part of and for working as one group when people. my concern is to make sure everything that can be done is being done going forward ulf and provide the resources or its very closely with local officials and federal counterparts make sure it and protect the people of california because of people who
5:49 pm
engage in these vicious brutal act spare nothing by bringing to justice and protecting people along the way. i think with the be on our guard and take. care of taking for take i assure you we will get as far as we need to to make sure public safety is completed. "the governor for being here and a very fortunate this attorney.
5:50 pm
they're very saddened at the loss of the victims family members some family members attorneys in my office and will be there for the victims. if you go to the canny be a you can have a direct line of the the services than the members that need to for help we will be there for you think you. "for your patience as from day one the marathon us sprint the tragedy that occurred in continue to do everything in our power bringing all the resources to make sure their work hand-in-hand on this matter. will exploit 11th possible from day one the evidence will lead us to the
5:51 pm
facts and or the evidence takes us think you again for your patience, "through is what we were going for the and you for sticking with us were we able to get those pictures of? so we have some pictures of the crime scene where the officer involved shooting took place and provide additional copies online. anyone who wants them but pictures of the weapons of the suspect vehicle a few others in their provide that and additionally a few more statistics number for folks update from earlier information. "as we said this was a department of public health of then as it turns out it was
5:52 pm
trading in the mornings transitioning to a holiday christmas party in the afternoon. this happened about the time of that transition 91 invited guest we believe 758 people that were present in the room when this occurred we did have a fax number and were still working at through some those dynamics. of the 21 peeper people injured 18 identified as county employees. other three were not. when the questions that came. this shift commander
5:53 pm
. he was the first person we had been gathered the when and to address this. tell story of what they experienced firsthand and to questions from mike as soon as he's done. this is something of a we train
5:54 pm
for at he never actually prepare for. and i am a dispatcher's the town of their voice severity of calls going out. here in the dispatchers voice this was actually happening started coming this way and i was when the very first year if there will arrive the most imitated sleep. beside of pure luck because the information was evolving so rapidly on to the
5:55 pm
replication self you see here north of us just south of the building this tragedy to place as i looking and seeing the activity ss selling what was happening. the the thing for officers to respond as quickly as possible with every belief they were actively being shot michael was to assemble a team and at the entry of the building and a jack of sugar. this month set in type of trading that one of the stubbornness and people from being injured and possibly killed. the officers arrived
5:56 pm
proximate to mix time left the time that there to laugh to assemble. something of and prepare for an active shooter since he overload to everything that you to prepare you for dealing with that we're seeing
5:57 pm
and hearing calling all that one unspeakable the carnage we use of number of people injured unfortunately already dead and hepatic on the face of the still in need meeting to be safe 50 people responded half the inland further into the billing that was a difficult choice to have as well.
5:58 pm
"a lot of other officers to continue the remainder of the search after going back into a supervisory role. one had any more questions? were you thinking about in terms of their might be still someone in the room? how're you doing handling it? "we absolutely believe there was another sugar we were told there was as potentially the peashooters and then getting information from multiple callers people were clear as to
5:59 pm
the commissioners there were some seem potentially reported double suspects of that nature. there were told the suspects possibly fled many potential to more shooter's inside only entered freshman power and small gunpowder in the air "it was a real you train for this and know your job is really reality. yet i did the job was
6:00 pm
supposed to do. it to go in there people don't call the police because they're having a break in public of this tragedy going on this was a tragedy have never experienced in my career i'll think most officers do and so we have to deal with that and help bring them to safety and had been some kind of called chaos was going on just knowing we resolve the situation quickly so much tragedy left behind families this holiday season that the deal with the tragedy that were left behind a by this the will of the bill if. how did you feel with the see the people how you come them?
6:01 pm
"the clear initial 50 people to not want come to us they're fearful and in the back hallway area and a heightened my concern and fear potentially the suspects were in the hallway holding them hostage waiting for us tenter and for the tell them several times come to us ultimately they did and was the first person to the motion at open the floodgates for everyone one become and get away as quickly as possible we can panic in the situation.
6:02 pm
"goal of the harmony in what they were asking individuals again the pack was obvious and apparent and so we were not getting a lot more information regards to the. 13? did not find any the explosive devices was found later."
6:03 pm
"fairly large meeting room and i noticed entering the christmas tree all the tables decorated for christmas party this seems so senseless hears people going in for festivities and now we're dealing with that." "we can't let your emotions overwrite your judgment and need to do the job we're supposed to do if we were trained to do
6:04 pm
"the contact officers and how they're doing the that helping a little bit as well
6:05 pm
"about the officer had officially identified get one of the sheriff's folks. had that confirmed"
6:06 pm
if a" head slightly stunned justified much of it not justified is a toll on all costs because it's hard being branded as being rogue now have of the heart of the current and valid people that there are cops who abuse that. the vast majority of officers and, 99.5 percent go out and do the jobs to protect the public. and yesterday reminded me of all that. again"i
6:07 pm
think he can never realize the tragedy in the city in so many families yesterday there is support for law-enforcement. did they leave anything behind a manifesto?. we news to the inactive sugar in the amount of carnage upon our initial entry that this wasn't just a row
6:08 pm
individual something more so by many affirmation in regards to that. "like a letter from early on hardly this is happening like was raised in this town since the majority of his law enforcement in this town annually says that of the like this of his time the attack. we will be back in the morning for another press conference in. thomas and buy a car with photos. and confirm the reports but terrorism? >> pam: ivies conference officials the center and keno heard from the governor and local federal investigators most
6:09 pm
compelling remarks came from the first officer on the team yesterday's shooting michael said the shooting was serial unspeakable carnage with a number of people injured dead at a panic on the faces of those who were still meeting safety take a quick break we will be back with much more on kron 4 news at six after this break.
6:10 pm
even a >> pam: watching a news conference with the very latest on the tragic shootings. 14 people killed.
6:11 pm
>> grant: her start with first cancel last night's tree lighting ceremony at the capitol and today he postponed an international trip to go to san bernadine know and be there with people hurting and let's hear from governor jerry brown. like an"turn as the make sure that everything that could be done is being done going ford the fifth california provides resources for its very closely with local officials and federal counterparts mature and protect people in california will spare
6:12 pm
nothing and bring to justice for tech and the people along the way this one to assure my fellow citizens here in california will go as far as we have to make sure public safety is protected. like an >> grant: 1 the first to a ravenous seemed a chaotic and unbelievable scene a little bit from will attend like men.
6:13 pm
"a hearing selling all the more it was unspeakable the courage we were seeing the number of people who were injured and unfortunately already dead and. the pure panic on the state of the individual still in need of the meeting to be say. >> grant: he was asked about what sounded like live silent loud it was. extremely loud when they got in fire alarms going off people in great amounts of pain mons wales lisa take a lot of hits lately the toll on cops how, being labeled being branded and that is one of those things
6:14 pm
. they're learning more about the husband and wife team who carry out the massacre. >> catherine: people who were under fbi scrutiny. in the care investigation a lot of people same level of their more red flags and the extremists were not considered some african players on the fbi raid are. only now are authorities hearing some neighbors often worked very late into the night at the red
6:15 pm
than home and the house later found to be crammed with bomb making materials son never say even debated reporting them would develop be accused of racial profiling when co-worker of the social service center says used dryness has in the restroom when the attack happened. "i thought somebody booby trap the tell spencer stores still circulating talk that the had an argument about religion that. co-worker two weeks before the attack that clear if this is a factor but investigators pointed out the huge stash of bombed ammunition into the couple's home. release suggests something was being planned for a much longer period of time"
6:16 pm
>> pam: the things police say they found heavily armed couple had enough guns and ammunition to conduct another tax authorities say these two assault rifles and two handguns in the massacre in this video of the cruise fish there searching the couple's home and police recovered more than 1500 rounds of ammunition from the suspect'' vehicle another 4000 recovered from their home as well as 12 pipe bombs that could been used to make additional explosive devices according to the associated press to rifles the surface of the listed among models i'll lot under california's tough on law and the president offered thoughts prayers' for the films of this tragedy. once again calls for
6:17 pm
stricter gun laws to read something like this from ever happening again during. kelly sat down with the national security expert who says foley does see evidence suggesting this was an act of terrorism some unusual characteristics that make this mass shooting very different from other terrorist attacks.
6:18 pm
6:19 pm
>> pam: more on our web site on the story including pictures of those were killed in the shooting in. formation about the people who lost their lives and how the community is trying to help raise money for their families coverage continues kron4news-dot-com and i am we will be right back
6:20 pm
6:21 pm
>> pam: continuing of coverage on going carried by the news conference a few moments ago the reveal additional information about the massive shooing the clem 14 lives gray is back with more from the news conference and from marks from lieutenant from the fourth the first on the scene most compelling emotional on this
6:22 pm
experience. >> grant: team showed up minutes later befell force for the 20 years. "chretien and enter into a building to engage the at the shooter this mind set of.-have the training and that was the
6:23 pm
gulf. the same to him you put yourself in this place. >> pam: more from the news conference coming up later dramatic. very disturbing cellphone video from the officer involved shooting in san francisco bay view district the hot pepper images courtesy a hug of their partnership abc seven the video gone viral sparking an outcry from the public accusing police of crossing the line using excessive force caught the
6:24 pm
attention of the mayor and others at city hall than herman is live at differences with more sofa on video and stabbing suspect in the bay the. you police officers around would they use pepper spray and shoot beanbags employees they would lead toward officers when they shot and killed him even
6:25 pm
wounding them wise and that done. >> reporter: yet ready to say who's in the wrong but hoping investigations currently under way for police and get some answers. "the officer involved shooting extremely serious sodas archie.
6:26 pm
people believing the please cross the line at this point in looking at the video from hot cup of partially abc seven news protests have " right now in the bayview people protesting what they're calling the police murder.
6:27 pm
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but what >> reporter: the run of a very after the widespread rain and this shower activity in some spots and some showers beginning to emerge in the setscrews nuns. another charente hayward san leandro and wet weather in the north they just west of american canyon heading toward highway 29. up to an inch in some spots i'll be back. with the. before
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6:32 pm
>> pam: fbi pave with after one day of the mass shooting in center of california 14 people killed the films than age 26 the 60 years old today were learning more about the milk sugar and his wife and whether
6:33 pm
he held iraq was believed in what eventually contributing to his motive. >> reporter: husband wife team of assassins federal agents telling us in the s some point in his life he had been radicalized in 200015 saudi arabia he traveled, and for religious purposes. and searching through various evidence they have determined with an international terrorist vaccine willis contact was and now coming through all the mediums by the way the town house looks like a bomb making
6:34 pm
love so much the equipment there the year marks the summary of gone on line and studied how to make a bomb by lorraine. what is >> pam: plan for tonight? >> reporter:. he the song gathered in the minor league baseball stadium middle american town people are sitting there lighting candles grieving morning together and with all the nominations i saw lighting candles holding up signs clearly a lot of people are stricken the came into the stadium one woman saying government worker as well work with the school district and be very difficult for the
6:35 pm
children here to try explain what happens to the small community they're handing out fliers as well to get in touch with the grief counselors. many in the community expressing their own shot in what happened as. well as their fear because it's a backlash against the committee says that happened in san bernadine know they getting any sense of that there? >> reporter: whenever you're on the inside out reporting at the scene for anything when i did witness and hear people clearly muslim sitting next to people who clearly were saw one woman started to tear up and got a hug from her neighbor and that was certainly better when telling me
6:36 pm
of the king and looking forward to a chance to express themselves and seek comfort in each other. trying to force republicans to vote on gun control bills leading the charge on california on barbara and then the gop lawmakers suggested new gun- control legislation the latest from washington democratic >> reporter: lawmakers are angry. of
6:37 pm
questions still remain some democrats are forcing gun law votes that adding amendments to republicans to appeal, care. their goal that assault weapons and those mental health system and close about big loophole. "in the definition of a no- brainer to dangerous to board aircraft to dangerous to buy again. leading a >> reporter: republicans of this is about gun-control. "fiction in california as about the control and you understand what's going on in the world." >> pam: and telling us there are more scattered showers in the forecast was. want to know about the weekend if it will be clear
6:38 pm
>> reporter: fish hours to come in from time to time 1520 minutes the you another one a couple hours later in the showers continue through the evening and overnight. hours not everyone will be what lb jeff the morning commute occasional. passing showers through the day note the stars wrapping up from 10 a.m. mostly sunny conditions for the afternoon look for sunshine from 12:00 on tomorrow and saturday some dense ground fog in the morning and sunshine the day i cuts for the afternoon this and. x's and it's closer for sunday producing light rain sunday morning. and the storm
6:39 pm
checker pretty busy into next week and another weak system for monday another one on wednesday
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
>> pam: is the deadline for local and leaders, but plan been trying to keep the team that. has the date that's been set the can make. something make december >> grant: the 28 in the
6:43 pm
middle of the holiday season nfl commissioner oakland and the other two cities in danger of losing their team is like california have until then to submit a proposal to build a team and stadium will fill with the markets are willing to do oaklands offering less public money and the other cities in the illicit less the raiders about $400 million short when it comes to paying for a new stadium that the money to help fill the stadium mayor levy has said that public money will not be used when public safety and schools are more critical areas of concern there stresses the import of keeping the raiders and is considering all sorts of creative ways the, with the money. >> pam: there has that in all sports coming.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
>> gary: leaving everyone if you're playing a round of your remote today cable television everyone is talking kurri and the warriors. every single sportschannel hurry and on the
6:47 pm
golf course when he found out he is a western conference player and 31 over 34 minutes he's not even playing a full three- quarters of a game. and yes 77 philly pointers by off the charts and amazing amazing start for curry the lawyers place the 2:00 next offer saturday in toronto news of thing that makes a laugh davidson will not but retire his uniform the only. retire uniforms the players with the graduate from college not yet complete and this is really
6:48 pm
will turn of him when she's ready for me. well valet of this could be and and you have to have >> gary: go through the tunnel wall that overall. across the
6:49 pm
for the season he hadn't played since oct. dealing with a stress fracture and jim thomas to the..
6:50 pm
"home medical figment of the decision tuchman guy that's the prayer and wary that. >> gary: sunday night a wonderful opportunity and marketing he's a real smart.
6:51 pm
tough-guy he will do smart. one nice person final words for men leaving crown. >> reporter: of the the see go to before place..
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
q. if >> reporter: unsuspected malfeasance and when south the neighborhood where residents are doing to stop this in the exhibition of people behaving badly tonight at. >> reporter: and could feature
6:55 pm
what weather also and that we need lots of it these storms will not be significant though pitching the talent of a storm packing a punch to the northwest tonight to our morning scattered showers room brick on sunday during sunday morning and then a slight chance monday another system possibly wednesday
6:56 pm
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"the insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation.,(íant88 there have been 355 mass shootings this year. and we are only on day 336. this is really got to stop.dññ >> the massacre in san bernardino, another irrational < act of violence that has the nation wondering when will this end? >> there is no way to deny =0 >> then the trial of the century returns to the small screen. new images frb6uhe people 58ikhf >> you would read each episode and your mouth would drop.rpmb >> plus, bethenny frankel sounds off on a fellow housewife's divorce. >> women who have the desire to end their relationship are dr to reality television.
7:00 pm
move. >> i'm a porn star now. >> and it's always been dolly's world. we're just living in it. and she throws back to life as a little country >> we didn't have ritalin back then. momma would have had me on it. >> what is her secret to 60 years of marital bliss. >> stay gone. don't spend any time together. >> now hollywood from the inside out, it's the "insider" together with yahoo. lafayette thelv)ññ beta clan music hall. planned parenthood and now san l bernar we're just trying to make sense acts against humanity. >> i just cannot believe we're actually talking about this again. there have been over 350 mass shootings in 2015 alone. >> that number is staggering. the terror, the tragedy, th outrage. shooting epidemic that h everyone asking why. >> so many of us are waking up ÷ and saying here we go again.


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